Stanford Tech History Project
03 / 05


Coordinators, advisors, and assistants of the project

Project Directors

  • Julia Ingram ’21

    Former Editor-in-Chief, The Stanford Daily

  • Nik Marda ’21

    Co-President, Stanford Public Interest Tech Lab


Faculty Advisors

  • Dr. Michael Bernstein

    Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

  • Dr. Mehran Sahami

    Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Computer Science

  • Dr. Ruth Starkman

    Lecturer, Program in Writing and Rhetoric


Research Assistants

  • Sam Catania ’24

    Staff Writer, The Stanford Daily

  • Victoria Hsieh ’24

    Research Team Member, Stanford Public Interest Technology Lab

  • Sarah Kim ’22

    Vice President Internal, Stanford Womxn in Design

  • Sam Spinner ’22

    Section Leader, Stanford Department of Computer Science